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Clients can rely on carefully tested quality of all meat products and the utmost hygienic processing conditions according to HACCP certification-rules. Our assortment includes:

Japanese Wagyu beef

‘Wagyu’ Kobe Style beef - Gold and Premium Quality
Meat from Wagyu cattle, known in Japan as ‘Kobe’ beef, is acclaimed around the world as the very best and therefore the most expensive. Since 1998 Nice to Meat International are the sole importers of this ‘Imperial’ meat for Europe. We import Wagyu Kobe Style beef from Australia and USA.

USA Creekstone Black Angus beef
Very tasty beef from Non Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC quality), imported from the USA. Prime meat from Black Angus cattle, raised by a cooperative of some 85 small farms.

Certified Irish ‘Angus’ beef
The cattle and sheep raised on the pollution-free island of Ireland are primarily raised for their meat.

Caledonia Crown beef

South-Select meat
The best of South American meat, acclaimed for its price-quality ratio, selected by Nice to Meat International and imported from Brazil and Argentina.

Irish Lamb meat
Produced and processed by dedicated Irish farmers according to our own professional Nice to Meat specifications: the cuts are ready for use in restaurants.

‘Iberico’ pork meat
Imported from Spain. Delicious meat from the famous black Iberico pig, raised for 18 months in the dry and hot Extremadura province on a diet of acorns, resulting in an extremely rich taste.

‘Berkshire’ pork meat
Duke of Berkshire pork is renowned for the dark colour and distinctive marbling that immediately reveal the meat’s unique succulence and tenderness. This is pork at its very best. Another distinctive feature is the meat’s clean, sweet taste. The meat owes these unique qualities to its high pH value, finer and shorter muscle fibres and high fat content.

Nice to Meat International is able to have products specially made for you, we select quality, test and present a minimum of 3 options for you to decide yourself.